Our Approach

The experience and expertise which we have gained since the company was first established has allowed us to offer a first class, professional service. We recognise that all sites and clients are different with their own individual requirements, therefore Tisdale Demolition, using our specialist knowledge will tailor the demolition techniques accordingly.

In a worldwide industry, where Health and Safety standards vary greatly, Tisdale Demolition Ltd endeavour to offer an unwavering commitment to H&S excellence. Where projects and environmental restrictions demand innovative demolition solutions, we are on hand to offer a comprehensive and adaptable service from; planning and resident liaison, through to completion. We strive to achieve the ultimate standard of service to not only secure the satisfaction of each and every client, but to ensure the utmost safety of our workforce and the local community. Our stringent management systems reflects the company’s commitment to Health, Safety and the Environmental protection and our main objective is to recognise and implement sound working practices. A comprehensive operational plan is produced for every project that we undertake which includes project timescale, Environmental and Health and Safety risk assessments, hazardous materials survey, neighbourhood impact and security assessments. Our aim is to minimise the impact of the project on the environment and adjacent neighbours, who are routinely visited prior to work commencement to address any potential concerns.


 When appointed as Principal Contractor, a detailed Health and Safety Plan is prepared and developed
in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, and presented to both Client and CDM Co-ordinator for discussion. A preliminary programme, outlining the sequence of intended operations will also be prepared. Both can subsequently be altered to incorporate agreed amendments and/or client requirements.

Customer Care is Paramount

Working with numerous Social Housing Landlords has allowed us to develop and hone our in house customer care processes with the objective of ensuring that the needs of the client and customers are not only met, but are exceeded.

A dedicated site supervisor will be appointed for each project not only to monitor the day to day work on an on-going basis but to act as a focal point to address any of the local resident’s problems or concerns.

Demolition works to domestic housing and industrial properties can sometimes be carried out in built up areas, with occupied premises in the immediate vicinity. In this respect, the site(s) will be fully secured with hoarding to prevent un-authorised access and only authorised personnel will be allowed access to the site by reporting to the site supervisor and then only when they were issued with the appropriate PPE. Demolition works by its nature will have an impact on the surrounding environment due to the levels of dust which can be created, and as such we have recently purchased a mobile dust suppression bowser to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment.

Prior to the commencement of the works we will attempt to contact or write to the local resident and/or businesses in the immediate vicinity to advise them of the:

  • scope and extent of the works to be undertaken
  • proposed working hours
  • project duration
  • and to advise of the steps which they should take to minimise disruption to themselves.

While working in the proximity of schools we always feel it to be advantageous to visit the head teacher to explain the extent of the works, traffic management requirements, site access and egress and to advise the pupils of the potential dangers regarding demolition sites.